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Meals on Wheels

We provide 150 three course meals per week, freshly cooked by our professional kitchen staff at The Nicky. They are delivered twice weekly.

We ensure that the recipients receive a well-balanced diet and special requirements are catered for.  On offer is a varied choice of meals, based on the menus we serve to our members for lunch at The Nicky.

Nicky members, and members of the wider community chose our Meals on Wheels for a variety of reasons. They may be physically unable to prepare a meal or simply the lack of motivation. Sometimes they need to be encouraged to continue our meals to ensure they get a reasonable standard of nutrition. Others may simply order meals to tide them over for a short period of ill health or after a stay in hospital.


Our Meals on Wheels service is a boon for families and carers too and can provide an occasional welcome break from caring responsibilities.

Referrals for Meals on Wheels which come through the local authorities, The Manchester Jewish Federation, and hospitals discharging people. Also, we receive requests from individuals themselves, or concerned members of the family. If further assessment is necessary, we involve the expertise of our resident social worker.

The meals are delivered by a rota of dedicated volunteer drivers who play an important role, working in all weathers. Our recipients look forward to seeing them at their homes each week, giving them an opportunity to have a friendly chat.

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